Flock - Traffic greenlupe


Art.-No.: 572780
Material: Steel
Surface: Powder coated

Flock - Verkehrsgrün - Verkehrsgrün

weitere Farben:
Flock - Weißaluminium Flock - Feuerrot Flock - Himmelblau Flock - Schwefelgelb
Variante mit Ausschnitt:
Flock mit Ausschnitt - Verkehrsgrün

Dimension (h x w x d):
125x165x135 mm

The dynamic yet cohesive structure of bird flocks was the inspiration for 'flock': a folded sheet steel and can act as a coat hook, piece by piece into a sculptural wall installation will be extended, which allows a high contrast between light and shadow.

The supply takes place inclusive Mounting material.
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