Iserlohner Haken – Bound to tradition

Jürgen Schwerter — Owner of Hermann Schwerter Iserlohn

As a manufacturer of high end fittings and coat racks the company Herman Schwerter – founded in the year of 1905 – carries on a 150 year old tradition of the town of Iserlohn in metal-manufacturing with its new brand: “Iserlohner Haken”.
From its exploration of iron ore and calamine to its different intermediate stages of processing and its final production of high-grade manual and industrial items, Iserlohn is the region for Germanys’ wardrobes and hooks.
Still today, high class interior decoration for the foyer accrues from Iserlohn and its surrounding towns. Our new, design orientated brand “Iserlohner Haken” sets the stage for hooks with character and originality. Our new hooks, besides their utility, shall pick up coat-racks to be products that tell their own story, that have their own aura.

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