Our new brand - Iserlohner Haken

Our new brand “Iserlohner Haken“ stands for the contemporary interpretation of the classical hooks. We invited internationally renowned architects and designers to open up a new perspective for the hook as a fitment and wall object and shake off its dust as a simple object of utility. Architects and Designers overhauled form, function, surface and its way of construction and came up with new and yet familiar, playful and still innovative results. Each and every “Iserlohner Haken“ is to be considered as a compact architectural statement.

Iserlohn is referred to as the location in Germany, where iron ore and other resources for metal manufacturing have been excavated and processed, dating back to the start of the 15th century. Today, Iserlohn is well known for its broad variety of products made from metal just as the manufacturing of those in line with highest technical standards. Already in 1905, Mr. Hermann Schwerter founded his company producing high quality fittings and coat racks in the town of Iserlohn. We bring forward new ideas with "Iserlohner Haken" offering everybody a new variety of concepts to plan coat racks in public as well as in private spaces.